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About the Bakken Oilers

North Dakota's Premier AAA Hockey Program


The Bakken Oilers was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing opportunities for the best players from Western North Dakota to play with and against elite players from Eastern North Dakota, Minnesota and Canada. Our flagship team, the 2000 Bakken Oilers, was formed with high-end talent from Western North Dakota, the Twin Cities and Canada. The 2000 Bakken Oilers had great success in its first year, including a hard fought championship game in a tournament against an elite Twin Cities program. The 2001 Bakken Oilers followed suit and both teams showed that the program could compete against top teams from arround the region. In 2014, the Bakken Oilers expanded to eight teams, including two girls teams, as more top hockey players at all age levels wanted to be part of the program. In just two years, the Bakken Oilers has become the single largest AAA hockey program in North Dakota and will continue to expand in 2015 as even more players from across North Dakota, Minnesota and Canada have sought to join our teams. We have quickly become North Dakota's Premier AAA hockey program.


The philosophy of the Bakken Oilers organization is to attract players from across the region that are ready to compete at a high level and improve their skills. We provide great coaches with outstading hockey backgrounds to develop commited athletes. Bakken Oilers hockey players must be committed to travel several times each summer in order to find the appropriate level of competition to challenge top players. At the end of each AAA season, we expect to see noticeable improvement in every player on each Bakken Oilers team.

The Bakken Oilers Signature Look

Bakken Oilers coaches, players and parents regularly get comments about our teams being the "best dressed" teams at a tournament. We take pride in our teams having high quality jerseys, warm-ups, hats, shirts and other gear in our signature blue and orange colors with the Bakken Oilers logo. We believe in attention to detail in all aspects of the program and that includes having a look that players can be proud of on the ice, going to and from games, in team hotels and back in their home towns. At AAA hockey tournaments, you will notice our teams on the ice by both their play and gear that is second to none. You will also notice our players off the ice by the way they conduct themselves while wearing our signature blue warm-ups with orange hats.

Non-Profit Organziation

The Bakken Oilers is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status recognized by the IRS. We have a significant advantage over competing organizations because all the money we collect goes into the program and we do not have to make a profit. We also get significant support from our corporate sponsors because of our non-profit status. All of those donations go directly to reduce registration fees for players and provide extras, like our signature gear, that other programs do not provide. This is another reason why we are North Dakota's premier AAA hockey program.

The 2000 Bakken Oilers compete against Miracle Gold, an elite Twin Cities program, in the championship of the 2013 Combat Cup

Coaches John Drady, Tom Philion and Travis Smith instruct the 2001 Bakken Oilers en route to the championship of the 2014 Mountain Dew Blast

The 2006 Bakken Oilers wearing our signature blue warm-ups with orange hats while watching the 2003 Bakken Oilers play a championship game